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Winner! Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors

Holy hot naked chicks! I won the 5th Annual Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors. This is awesome for a whole list of reasons: I won a cool contest; my excerpt will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Ampersand Review; I will be a judge for next year’s Literary contest; AND they’re giving me some cash! All of this is somehow dwarfed by the fact that my work was read to a room full of people in another state by TWO smoking hot naked women. I got word from NGR founder Michelle L’Amour that my piece was split up by her and NGR regular Greta Layne—you can see what they look like naked here. All I can say is WOW. And, I wish I’d been there. I had a reading up in New London at the Monte Cristo Bookshop  which was booked long before I knew I’d made the finals. In a surreal twist, I was actually on the train coming back from Connecticut when Michelle and Greta called me. They had me on speaker, and I could hear the audience applauding me as the train rattled along in my other ear. Wonderfully bizarre.

rock09So far as I know, there are no photos, no video, and most sadly for me, NO AUDIO recording. (which I will share if it ever materializes). I had the good fortune of hearing Michelle L’Amour read at the first NYC NGR, and she reads really well—sorry to miss her reading my stuff. I think for an author to hear someone ELSE read his/her stuff is very elucidating. Naked or not.

THANK YOU again Naked Girls Reading, and I’m looking forward to Ampersand—and to judging next year.

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