“Spinelli offers sharp and stylish prose … Benson’s nihilistic views may resonate with readers in their 20s facing an uncertain economic future.” Publishers Weekly

 “Ambitious, bold.”  —Bill Clegg, author of Did You Ever Have a Family, long-listed for the Man Booker prize

“Spinelli has written the first visionary neo-Romantic novel of the 21st century.”
The Awl


“…inside a tiny newsstand at the Metropolitan Avenue subway station … Some customers squat, flipping through literary magazines and novels with titles like Killing Williamsburg.” New York Times

“Questlove … lays down a set devoted to artists who checked out early. Fun! (Actually, in his hands, it probably will be.) The party is a celebration of the release of novelist Bradley Spinelli’s new book, Killing Williamsburg. Bonus: It’s being held at the club that once served as the epicenter of the really, really dead electroclash scene.” — Time Out New York, “Critics’ Pick”

“…the night’s ‘suicide set’ is in keeping with the book’s macabre plot: a cynical Williamsburger is jolted from his ennui when a plague of mysterious, gruesome suicides threatens to turn his ‘hip, hopping, happening’ neighborhood into a ghost town.” —Daniel Maurer, interviewing Spinelli at New York magazine’s Bedford+Bowery.


“Pick up and relish Bradley Spinelli’s Killing Williamsburg. It starts like a whisper and ends like the future unfolding, to misquote the author.”
—Steve Dalachinsky in The Brooklyn Rail

“Spinelli’s writing style creates a frenzied tale full of sex, drugs, violence, sadness, and at some points, humor. … Killing Williamsburg is a book that deserves a much wider audience.” —Mandy Boles

“Spinelli really takes you through the emotional gamut.  You feel apathy, then despair, urgency and hope…. This is the mark of a good author. This naked girl highly recommends Killing Williamsburg. It’s a killer read!”
—Michelle L’amour, Naked Girls Reading

“…it is so well written, and Benson is such an engaging character, that I was sucked in straight away…” —TWONINETHREE

“If you like darkly comedic books (dare I say comedic? Yes. I think I dare) in the vein of Jean Teulé’s The Suicide Shop, you should definitely give Killing Williamsburg a whirl!” —Words for Worms



Drinking with Papa Legba, Le Chat Noir, 2011 (print)

Sensitive Skin magazine, No. 9, Dec. 2012, with photographs by Ruby Ray (print and web)

The Ampersand Review, Nov. 16, 2014

Forthcoming: The Unbearables compilation

From the rejection letters for Killing Williamsburg:

 “Bradley Spinelli is a sharp, clever writer… his fluid style kept me reading.”  —Amy Hundley, Editor, Grove/Atlantic

 “Spinelli has a sharp eye.”  —Geoffrey Kloske, Senior Editor, Simon & Schuster

 “Spinelli has a knack for recreating the Williamsburg hipster scene in vivid, almost cinematic detail, and I was intrigued by the ease with which he wove cynicism and romance, reality and fantasy into one complex narrative tapestry.”  —Susan Kamil, Vice President, Dial Press

“There is much to admire about [Killing Williamsburg]. The premise is intriguing but beyond that the author deftly captures the nuances of the city and the moods of the characters.”  —Rob McMahon, Senior Editor, Warner Books

“Mr. Spinelli is a talented writer who uses some terrific attention to detail throughout the narrative. As well, his utter honesty in his portrayal of characters is a fresh change of pace.”  —Pete Fornatale, Editor, Crown Books

“[Spinelli] has created the most wildly creative end-of-the-world scenario.”  —Krista Stroever, Harper Collins

“[Spinelli’s] writing has a real energy and irreverence to it, and he captures the Williamsburg scene well and with obvious affection.”
—Jenny Minton, Senior Editor, Vintage Books