Bedford + Bowery Video Interview

link. Before our reading at Pete’s Candy Store, Daniel Maurer from Bedford + Bowery interviewed me, Mike DeCapite, and Jake Tomsky about the changing face of Williamsburg. That DeCapite always has the best stories! Check it out:

There was a bakery next door to here. It was an all-night bakery and I didn’t really think much about that. It didn’t seem suspicious to me — I don’t know, I didn’t think about it much, just figured it’s New York, it’s the city that never sleeps and so the bakery’s open all night but then there was a shooting in there one night and when the cops came they tore down the ceiling which was full of heroin. That was right next to here. There was, you know, hookers checking their lipstick in the car mirrors. This whole neighborhood, there wasn’t really anything at all going on, there was a couple bars down near the subway. There must’ve been a restaurant that was open at night but I can’t remember one. They didn’t serve food at Teddy’s in those days. You know, it was just kind of bleak out here, really. What it had to recommend it was that it was cheap and you could keep a car here. —Mike DeCapite


Launch Party with Questlove…



Me & Q

Questlove spinning "The Suicide Set"

Questlove spinning “The Suicide Set”

…was freaking epic. BIG thanks to EVERYONE who came out—we honored those passed, we danced, we drank, and I read some stuff and signed a bunch of books. I was absolutely flabbergasted by some of the people who made it out; it was truly a mixed bag of friends from all aspects of my compartmentalized life. And it got decidedly funky in there in a very real way. Questlove introduced his set by saying that it was the hardest thing he’d ever been asked to do, and then proceeded to tear it up. I was hypnotized by both the set and the ballz-out dancing that ensued, and I don’t think I’ll ever think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” the same way.

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