Quoted/Promoted in Writer’s Digest

In September’s print edition of Writer’s Digest, I was quoted several times talking about the creation of the cover of Killing Williamsburg, which was designed by Meghan Carey. The writer of the article, Grace Dobush, pulled together thoughts and tips from writers in varying hues of the small/big/self press spectrum. BEST PART: In a visual titled “successful cover design,” not only was my book listed as a thriller, but it was placed as the opposing book end to Stephen King. Gone Girl is in there too, so not too shabby for Kill Bill. Web version TK. Full PDF available for download soon.

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Punk Rock Dreams SXSW on Frontier Psych

Frontier Psych editor Keith Meatto asked me, when he heard I was going to SXSW, to write something more… overarching and thoughtful.” Or something like that. I was so dizzy and exhausted when I got back from Austin I became one of those nightmare writers, who kept stressing about word count and trying to beg more time before the deadline. I’m grateful that Keith stuck it out with me, and am very proud of the pieces that ran. It’s a two-parter, and it skews a little heavy. Part 1 is here and Part 2—skewing heavily heavy—is here.