Winner! Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors

Holy hot naked chicks! I won the 5th Annual Naked Girls Reading Literary Honors. This is awesome for a whole list of reasons: I won a cool contest; my excerpt will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Ampersand Review; I will be a judge for next year’s Literary contest; AND they’re giving me some cash! All of this is somehow dwarfed by the fact that my work was read to a room full of people in another state by TWO smoking hot naked women. I got word from NGR founder Michelle L’Amour that my piece was split up by her and NGR regular Greta Layne—you can see what they look like naked here. All I can say is WOW. And, I wish I’d been there. I had a reading up in New London at the Monte Cristo Bookshop  which was booked long before I knew I’d made the finals. In a surreal twist, I was actually on the train coming back from Connecticut when Michelle and Greta called me. They had me on speaker, and I could hear the audience applauding me as the train rattled along in my other ear. Wonderfully bizarre.

rock09So far as I know, there are no photos, no video, and most sadly for me, NO AUDIO recording. (which I will share if it ever materializes). I had the good fortune of hearing Michelle L’Amour read at the first NYC NGR, and she reads really well—sorry to miss her reading my stuff. I think for an author to hear someone ELSE read his/her stuff is very elucidating. Naked or not.

THANK YOU again Naked Girls Reading, and I’m looking forward to Ampersand—and to judging next year.

Bedford + Bowery Video Interview

link. Before our reading at Pete’s Candy Store, Daniel Maurer from Bedford + Bowery interviewed me, Mike DeCapite, and Jake Tomsky about the changing face of Williamsburg. That DeCapite always has the best stories! Check it out:

There was a bakery next door to here. It was an all-night bakery and I didn’t really think much about that. It didn’t seem suspicious to me — I don’t know, I didn’t think about it much, just figured it’s New York, it’s the city that never sleeps and so the bakery’s open all night but then there was a shooting in there one night and when the cops came they tore down the ceiling which was full of heroin. That was right next to here. There was, you know, hookers checking their lipstick in the car mirrors. This whole neighborhood, there wasn’t really anything at all going on, there was a couple bars down near the subway. There must’ve been a restaurant that was open at night but I can’t remember one. They didn’t serve food at Teddy’s in those days. You know, it was just kind of bleak out here, really. What it had to recommend it was that it was cheap and you could keep a car here. —Mike DeCapite


TIME OUT NY Critics pick!

Link.  Questlove’s “Suicide Set” at my book launch on World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th is a TIME OUT NEW YORK Critics pick! And I really dig that whoever wrote the blurb is old-school enough to remember that Trash Bar used to be Luxx. That’s some hipster-ness:

“The party is a celebration of the release of novelist Bradley Spinelli’s new book, Killing Williamsburg. Bonus: It’s being held at the club that once served as the epicenter of the really, really dead electroclash scene.”