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You can’t do it alone. That mythology of a lone writer in a room banging out the perfect novel on a typewriter—it’s just a myth.

Launch Party with Questlove…



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Questlove spinning "The Suicide Set"

Questlove spinning “The Suicide Set”

…was freaking epic. BIG thanks to EVERYONE who came out—we honored those passed, we danced, we drank, and I read some stuff and signed a bunch of books. I was absolutely flabbergasted by some of the people who made it out; it was truly a mixed bag of friends from all aspects of my compartmentalized life. And it got decidedly funky in there in a very real way. Questlove introduced his set by saying that it was the hardest thing he’d ever been asked to do, and then proceeded to tear it up. I was hypnotized by both the set and the ballz-out dancing that ensued, and I don’t think I’ll ever think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” the same way.

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TIME OUT NY Critics pick!

Link.  Questlove’s “Suicide Set” at my book launch on World Suicide Prevention Day September 10th is a TIME OUT NEW YORK Critics pick! And I really dig that whoever wrote the blurb is old-school enough to remember that Trash Bar used to be Luxx. That’s some hipster-ness:

“The party is a celebration of the release of novelist Bradley Spinelli’s new book, Killing Williamsburg. Bonus: It’s being held at the club that once served as the epicenter of the really, really dead electroclash scene.”