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Spoonbill puts “Killing Williamsburg” poster in the window 

Live on Bedford Avenue, foot-traffic center of the universe! Plus, today they were shooting photographs of the storefront for an “Independent Bookstores of Brooklyn” pin-up calendar, so Megan Carey’s sick cover will be featured in that, too.


(photo credit: Gothamist)

Now UNDERGROUND on the L train! 

How apt? With all those scenes set on the L train or at L train stations, how perfect that the book is now on sale IN an L train station. If you didn’t see the news on Gothamist or elsewhere about the new hipster Newsstand—well, now you can buy my book while you’re transferring to the G.

You have to admire a novel that is truly novel – not merely a re-tread of prior stories. I can honestly say that I have never read a book quite like this one. Most horrifying is the fact that every thing in this story – even the mysterious epidemic – could actually happen. And THAT is something to keep you awake at night.

—KILLING WILLIAMSBURG review by Jeremy Cole, on Amazon.com

This is not a book about a plague. Don’t expect the narrative to switch to a team from the Centre for Disease Control. It’s about the American Dream: there is no nobility in American suicide because it presupposes that things won’t get better, and hope is what the country was built on. It is un-American. It is embarrassing.

—KILLING WILLIAMSBURG review by M.T. Sherman, on Amazon.co.uk


LINK Kindle is go! I don’t understand e-reading, but I’m not snobbish about how you read my book, so long as you read it. KILLING WILLIAMSBURG is now available on Kindle. It’s a 90-day exclusive deal for Kindle, so those on the Nook or whatevs will  have to wait til August.

“More people will do this, won’t they?” she asked when they had reached the end of the driveway. “Because suicide gets in the air sometimes. Like a cold germ.”

“Some already have.” Twitch didn’t know if suicide was painless, as the song said, but under the right circumstances, it could certainly be catching. Maybe especially catching when the situation was unprecedented and the air started to smell as foul as it did on this windless, unnaturally warm morning.

from Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”

Google’s Saul Bass Doodle

I hope everyone got a chance to see Google’s Saul Bass Doodle it today—and I really hope that everyone got at least a couple of the references (Anatomy of a Murder, Man with the Golden Arm, Vertigo).

Saul Bass, of course, inspired Megan Carey’s amazing book cover for Killing Williamsburg. (and also this site’s theme.) Amazing designer. People tend to use that word “iconic” overmuch, but… shoe fits.