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After “Naked Girls Reading”…

I feel compelled to offer a sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone in the chain of events that led to what happened last Wednesday night at Under St. Marks: Naked Girls Reading presenting my book, Killing Williamsburg, as read by Gal Friday. Thank you to Michelle L’Amour and Franky Vivid for starting this wonderful series, thanks to the reader at NGR in L.A. who first dug me out of the slush pile, thank you to the judges of the contest who named me the winner. And THANK YOU, Nasty Canasta, for deciding to include me in the New York chapter’s event, and for all the kind words about my work. And THANK YOU Gal Friday, for the work in choosing what sections to read, for editing them so cleverly, and for your heartfelt and shocking rendition of my words.

All mush aside, this goes out to all you writers: You should be so lucky. There is something absolutely transcendent about hearing someone else read your words. Starting with what she decided to read, then sitting on pins and needles while deciphering which paragraphs and sentences she decided to skip—totally fascinating, as I have to do that for my own readings but she did it differently. And then, how she read. Choosing different tactics. As a woman, able to impersonate the woman in the scene as I couldn’t. Her gestures and her looks to the audience—completely unlike mine. Her seduction of the audience. And getting to feel the audience and their reactions, without being distracted by my own performance. There was a shiver when the scene went to suicide. Gal Friday made choices I wouldn’t have, and I got the unique sensation of watching these choices wash over an audience—while simultaneously letting them wash over me. This was the writerly equivalent of going to a hamman and getting hot/cold buckets of water poured over me.

And did I mention she was naked?

I enjoyed the entire evening, as the performers read wonderful spy stuff, and I have to give low, humble bows to all the lovely ladies of the evening, hostess Nasty Canasta, Barbara Gordon the Naked Librarian, and RunAround Sue. And Gal Friday.

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